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Waterfles met luchtsmaak Air-up

Waterfles met luchtsmaak Air-up


Brand Name: None

Applicable People: Adults

Material: Plastic

Plastic Type: Tritan

Thermal Insulation Performance: None

Style: Brief

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Feature: Stocked

Water Flowing Method: Straw Type

Outdoor Activity: Hiking

Supply Type: In-Stock Items

Boiling Water: Not Applicable

Drinkware Type: Water Bottles

Shape: With Lid

Choice: yes

650ML Air Fruit Scent Flavored Water Bottle with Pod Tritan Sports Up Water Bottle Outdoor Fitness Sport Water Cup with Straw

Bottle works by letting air into the water so that you can experience the scented pod's taste.

1.Fill up your drinking bottle with still or sparkling water.
2.lnstall and tighten the lid with straw.
3.Push the locking pod up and press the button to open the cover.
4.Place the pod on the silicone mouthpiece and press it down.
5.Activate the aroma pod by puling it gently up
6.Pod is activated and the air is scented.sip it, do not tilt it.Enjoy your drinking!
7.Close the cover and the c pod will be pushed down to deactivate and stop the flavor.

The flavored water bottle, can be filled with normal tap water, but tricks your brain into thinking this aqua is flavoured, thanks to cleverly-placed pods.
At first glance, the bottle looks like any other, with a clear body and a small mouthpiece.
However, users can buy subtle pods that sit on top of the mouthpiece, which release scents up your nose as you smell.
These scents trick your brain into thinking the water is flavoured, thanks to a concept known as retronasal smell.
'When you smell something, it passes through the throat to the olfactory centre in the nose and manifests in the brain as taste.
'Eighty per cent of the tastes you experience are actually things you are smelling.
The tongue may talk the talk, but it's the nose that walks the walk when it comes to taste.'

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